The Uncorked Conversation with Allyson Scammell

Ep #30: Trusting Your Intuition During Life’s Dark Times

March 14, 2019

It’s episode #30, so that means it’s time to tell a story. I devote every 10th episode to telling a story. Twenty one years ago, I had everything going for me. I also had a big decision to make. Should I pursue the lucrative job I had been offered, or chase my dream half way around the world?

In a moment of unexpected clarity, my life became crystal clear. I had all the answers I needed. That is when I first experienced the power and soul guiding force of intuition. Even though everything fell into place like magic, it was not a fairytale. I began to doubt. Why had I done this? How was this going to lead me to doing the work I so desperately wanted to do?

After a very dark season, spring came. With spring, my vision cleared once more, and I saw the benefit of those dark times. I have lived a very intuition driven life since then, and can now appreciate that even when the intuition is strong, life is not always easy. 

In this episode, I explore:

  • The difference between the voice of our intuition and that of our thinking mind
  • What we gain from life's darkest hours, and
  • How to trust your intuition even when it leads you through times of struggle

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