The Uncorked Conversation with Allyson Scammell

Ep #29: Using a Spiritual Discipline to Connect to the Soul of Your Business

March 7, 2019

Morning routine. Miracle morning. Soul session. There are many ways to describe the process of getting still and connecting to your soul and guides to receive guidance and live more intentionally.

I love the idea of calling it a spiritual discipline as our guest Steph Lagana describes it. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There is no need to be productive. There is no expected output. It’s embodying a connection and receiving whatever may be nourishing to your soul in any given moment.

Steph Lagana is a national security nerd turned business strategist and spiritual teacher. She helps highly sensitive women get more clients and grow their business in a way that supports their soul. In this episode, Steph and I explore everything from being an empath in a warzone to using a spiritual discipline to connect to the soul of your business. We also explore:

  • What a spiritual discipline is and how to start one
  • How a spiritual discipline can work for you in your life + business, and
  • Why smaller answers are as good or better than big ones

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